Sunday, 15 September 2013

City Lights

Inspired by an antique Amish quilt, it is the colours that make this quilt sparkle. The quilt is made from solid fabrics, but can of course be made with patterned fabrics too.
(approx 23”*39”)

Matias' Quilt

This quilt was made for our second grandbaby, and the plan has always been to make it in both Christmas fabrics and delicious pinks. It is easy to make and therefore suitable for beginners.

(approx. 36"*36")

This is an excellent scrap project as you don’t need much of each fabric, and the size can easily be changed.

Merry Christmas-cloth

Dig out fabric scraps in light and dark values, pair them up with a couple of pieces of fabrics, and make this fun and graphic Christmas table cloth with appliquéd text. This English version includes letters for MERRY CHRISTMAS.
(approx. 42"*42")

The Merry Christmas-cloth will look just as good in traditional Christmas colours as in neutral tones.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Name Banners

Welcoming new little citizens of the world is always a wonderful thing, and it would be nice to create a baby quilt for each child and grandchild of family and friends. Now, that will not always be possible, so over the last few years I have made quite a few name banners instead.
This time I dived into my collection of thrifted goodness, and gave new life to a 70ies curtain and a friend of my mother in law’s 60ies skirt.

Have fun making banners; there is no piecing involved so you can use any fabric that you have laying around, and you can add any kind of text. Make a few for upcoming birthday parties; names, sports, hobbies, anything goes. Make a few for Christmas, they would make wonderful presents, and with the machine stitched binding, they don’t take much time.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Further than far

This scrap quilt is an excellent project for using up different kinds of scraps, and also orphan block or even an abandoned top or two. The blocks are easy to make, and are suitable also for the not so experienced quilter. You can easily change the size of both the blocks and the quilt, and you will find tips on how to do so in the pattern.

This quilt was made with scraps from 3 different projects where many of the scraps lasted further than far, from one project to the next, hence the title. Whether you choose to work within one colour family or the whole rainbow is up to you. You will find tips on how to control the colour chaos when you use lots of different colours in one project.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

4 Curtains and the back of a Shirt

This is a fun project for those who would like to have a go at working with non-typical quilting fabrics. As the title suggest, the table runner is made from 4 curtains and the back of a shirt, and you probably too have some fabrics stashed away with which you are not quite sure what to do.
(approx 15”*37 ½”)
The table runner will of course look just as good in quilting cottons.

Mock Cabin

Getting close to Christmas a few years ago, I needed some extra gifts that did not take too long. This design came to life because I wanted to play with log cabin design possibilities without actually having to make log cabin blocks.

The design looks intricate enough, but is very easy to make.
(approx 24 ½”*24 ½”)
I have made the quilt in purple with yellow, orange, pink, red and turquoise squares, and the result was quite different.

The quilt will look just as good in other colours and with printed fabrics.

Circle of Flowers

Made from leftover flowers from a previous project, a batik fabric that was too pretty to cut apart, a little solid, and a piece of fabric from the beginning of time, this table cloth is one of my personal favourites.

(approx 40”*40”)
  You will learn how to make matching corners on a table cloth, how to make a not quite wide enough piece of fabric work for a seamless border, and how to create movement through quilting.
The table cloth looks just as pretty in soft summer tones as in red and white for Christmas.
Quilt By Sissel Hagen

Friday, 23 August 2013


Hearts are popular all year round, so why not make a table runner and a pillow or two for your living room.

The heart blocks will look just as good in neutral fabrics on linen as in classic reds or cool blues.

The pillow pattern is a great way to use some of those hard to cut into fabrics.

Make a few heart-y projects for Valentine’s Day, or stitch up a few sets in Christmas colours for some great gifts, or make them in light and happy summery tones to decorate the patio next summer. Use the blocks on table cloths, bags, place mats or lap quilts – the choice is yours.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Gas Money

Make a fun little quilt which is a gift and a card at the same time.

The quilt is a great little gift all by itself, but you can also put a card or a little gas money into the built-in pocket as an additional gift, something that would be highly appreciated by any young driver on a budget.

Flower Bed

Make a table runner that will fit any décor or season, or add a hanging sleeve to make it into a wall hanging.  
(measurements: 18"*75 1/2")

Use as many or few fabrics as you like; this is an excellent scrap project. Use your preferred appliqué method or try a new one; the pattern includes instructions for both hand appliqué and for using fusible web.
The project is suitable for quilters of all experience levels, from the newbie to the seasoned quilter.

Instructions for both lengths are included, and you can easily adjust the length of the table runner yourself.

(measurements: 18"*37")

The blocks and flowers would look great on pillows or bags, or go huge - blow the design up to make a scrappy bed quilt, the choice is yours.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Rock and Egg

We could all benefit from being reminded some of the big truths in life, like this saying.
(5 ½”*12”)
Whether you would like to experiment with some unusual materials or dig into your cotton scraps; this little quilt will carry just as much wisdom either way.

Make it as a card for a teenager or a graduate, for new parents or a friend who just started a new business, make a big one for the school's hallway or for your doctor’s office, or hang one right next to your bed so it’s the first thing that you see in the morning; the possibilities are endless.

Spanish Trees

Inspired by the amazing work by the Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi, these stylish trees would be suitable for decorations year round.

(Table runner measuring 14“*44”)

(Pillows measuring 20”*20”)

The table runner and pillows are both great projects for using up scraps for both backgrounds and trees.

Change the values up by appliquéing dark trees onto a white background for a wither wonderland look or onto a scrappy orange background for a fall forest, or change the size of the trees and add them to everything between Christmas cards to lap quilts, make a Christmas tree or a whole forest – the choice is yours!

A Flower that never withers

Sometimes it’s nice to be able to give away a flower knowing that it will last forever.

(Wall hanging measuring 20"*24")

This is a great project for using scraps, but looks just as good with a monochromatic background.

Change the values up by appliquéing a light flower onto a dark background, or change the size or the format to make pillows or table runners, or leave the stem and leave out and make a bed quilt with several huge flower heads – the choice is yours!

Table cloth made by Inger Marie Østhus.