Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A Flower that never withers

Sometimes it’s nice to be able to give away a flower knowing that it will last forever.

(Wall hanging measuring 20"*24")

This is a great project for using scraps, but looks just as good with a monochromatic background.

Change the values up by appliquéing a light flower onto a dark background, or change the size or the format to make pillows or table runners, or leave the stem and leave out and make a bed quilt with several huge flower heads – the choice is yours!

Table cloth made by Inger Marie Østhus.

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  1. Detta ljuvligt vackra mönster på "En blomma som aldrig vissnar" har jag använt mig av och sytt en rosa-grå duk av. Visar den på min blogg i dag, den 25 januari 2014.